You're Never Too Old For The Nerf Nuke–And More Morning Links

The one issue we always had with Nerf guns is that they’re extremely difficult to aim. Over time the darts and arrows get bent and become even less dependable. According to our friends over at Brosome, there is now the mother of all Nerfs. The Nerf Nuke Launcher is a tripod-mounted, direct-plunger system, war-machine ready and willing to deal some serious damage on your enemies. It’s loaded with 80 darts that blast off in all directions up to 30 feet. To see a video of the Nerf Nuke in action, simply CLICK HERE.

And here are some more interesting links to kick off your Thursday morning…

•  Donald Sterling has balls dining in Beverly Hills restaurant [TMZ]

•  Brooklyn Nets disses its own fans [Extra Mustard]

•  Man takes out bear, #1 threat to America [The Chive]

•  5 commercials made by famous directors (for some reason) [Maxim]

•  Kate Upton’s Vogue UK cover [Drunken Stepfather]

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