Natascha Berg: 24 Pics For The Fantasy Girl's 34th Birthday [PHOTOS]

It’s hard to believe that Natascha Berg has been around long enough to celebrate her 34th birthday today–that being May 2, 2014, and we’re even more amazed that Natascha is celebrating her big day as a relative unknown in America. That’s partly because the statuesque beauty has spent most of her career in Europe, where she stood out as Miss Germany in the Miss World 2000 pageant. Natascha was quickly claimed by international entertainment outlets, and spent the next decade covering the red carpet for all kinds of European outlets.
Then the ambitious dame came to America in 2009 to try to get on the other end of the film biz–which was great for America, but kind of baffling for Europe. Natascha speaks six languages, and could’ve started her new career in plenty of places where she was already a celebrity. We would’ve recommended Canada, where all kinds of genre series shoot that are in need of a striking brunette who knows how to handle a gun and looks ready to kick ass.
Incredibly enough, Natascha hasn’t become a regular on the Syfy channel–although she finally made it on the network with a great turn as a dinosaur-killing military gal in the otherwise forgettable Jurassic Attack. (Although she did get to costar with Syfy legend Corin Nemec.) Otherwise, Natascha has mostly been a regular presence on the humble indie sci-fi shorts circuit. At least Natascha is getting some respect back in Europe, where she’s returned for most of her major film productions. That includes last year’s Bad F#%king (and, no, the title wasn’t censored in Germany).
A lot of guys still noticed when Natascha made it to the multiplexes in Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire, where we didn’t get nearly enough of a catfight between her and Gina Carano. You’ll see some of Natascha getting tougher among these plentiful pics that’ll get you longing for a rematch…

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