NY Yankees Fan Wanted to Open a "Buck Foston" Bar

The undying rivalry between New York Yankees fans and Boston Red Sox fans is so heated that they are willing to spend untold sums of money just to express their hatred for each other. Case in point: a Yankees fan wanted to open a bar in New Jersey called “Buck Foston’s Road House.”
Lawrence Blatterfein tried to open his middle finger to Beantown in the form of a bar in New Brunswick, N.J. back in 2011. City officials, however, did┬ánot┬álike the name, and thwarted his plans by denying him a liquor license. Blatterfein claimed that New Brunswick’s mayor James Cahill was behind the decision because of his status as a Red Sox fan. The mayor and city officials claim that they denied the license because of the bar’s vulgar name noting that it “didn’t belong in New Brunswick.” The bar never opened and Blatterfein vowed to sue. A jury recently awarded him $1.5 million in damages on the grounds that the city’s actions were unconstitutional.
Blatterfein has since moved to Florida but he promises to open the “Buck Foston” bar now that he knows he’s got the law on his side and a nice check to get the project started. Even if you’re a Yankee fan, you should root for Blatterfein and his bar. It’s not just about freedom of speech and stopping reckless politicians for pushing their agenda on the people they represent. It’s good for sports. Once Blattefein opens his bar, the ball will be in Red Sox fans’ court to come up with something that can top a place named “Buck Foston.” We’d like to suggest some kind of medical clinic that only sells syringes and growth hormones that’s named after Alex Rodriguez.

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