30 WTF Comic Book Covers For Free Comic Book Day [GALLERY]

May 3, 2014 is Free Comic Book Day–that being the first Saturday of May when the comic book shops of North America hand out free comic books to anybody who comes into their stores. This is also known as the day when comic book fans stay away from comic book stores because of all the parents bringing in their kids who only come into a comic book shop once a year.
But that’s the whole idea, in a way, and we’re certainly supportive of any kind of stunt to keep our own local shops thriving in these tough times. So pass around the URL for the Free Comic Day Shop Store Locator, and then join us in avoiding the shops by enjoying a look at 30 Great WTF Comic Book Covers. That covers a lot of ground, of course. We have sexually inappropriate covers, some salutes to ’60s psychedelia, a few offbeat artistic designs, and comic book covers that make you seriously ponder the actual contents.
Don’t get too excited about that one with The Avengers visiting David Letterman, though. The story’s disappointingly straight. We do, however, highly recommend that issue of Metal Men #20, because it has a great catfight between a gal and a sexy femme robot. Also, we apologize for desecrating a fine old television show like The Rifleman by pointing out a particularly unfortunate cover from the comic book series. It’s just the kind of cover that can’t be ignored…

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