Fraternity Letters Spray-Painted on a Dead Whale in Atlantic City

Someone with an insane amount of fraternity pride thought it would be a good idea to spray paint their fraternity letters on a dead whale that washed up on the shores of an Atlantic City beach.
Authorities found the dead minke whale sometime Thursday morning underneath the famed Central Pier in New Jersey, where they also found the remains of a dead dolphin. Police also discovered that someone happened upon the dead animals and sprayed the tag for the Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity . The whale carcass also sported the number “94,” all writ large¬†with a can of purple spray paint. They also sprayed graffiti on the underside of the pier next to the dead whale. The dolphin carcass itself had not been disturbed. That was probably smart.
Marine pathologists are still trying to determine a cause of death and both of the carcasses will be buried on the beach. Police do not know who spray painted the dead animal and did not note if doing so constituted any kind of crime or health code violation.
If you go with your gut (and considering that most of them are huge thanks to years of beer and cold pizza consumption, that may not be a good idea) on this one, common sense says that someone who graduated from the class of 1994 from the Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity. Let’s just say that it was a frat guy for the sake of argument. Why did they think they would accomplish by spray painting their pride trademark on a dead animal? It’s a real cowardly way to write graffiti. It’s like spray painting your name on a wall that you know is going to be knocked down in a few days.

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