60 Scary Transit Riders of SEPTA: Freaky Philly Style [PHOTOS]

Today’s biggest transit news is straight out of Pennsylvania–courtesy of a truly disturbing video taken by a poor lady riding a bus that’s part of Philadelphia’s Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. That’s called SEPTA for short, and we’re thinking that the city can pretty much match NYC in public-transportation weirdness. Just consider this news report where you get an idea of how comfortable a guy can get masturbating right next to a woman on the SEPTA line–even though he knows that he’s being videotaped.
That lady knew just what to do with her video, too. The brave Temple University student took it straight to the People of SEPTA Facebook Page–which is like People of Walmart, but scarier. Check out this collection of 60 lowlifes riding the buses of SEPTA, and pray for the eternal souls of the poor normal people who get regularly trapped in what looks like the casting office for a horror movie that doesn’t need a make-up budget. It’ll be a long time before you complain about your commute again–and the same goes for us. Damn, Philly, you scary…

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