Alaina Huffman on "Supernatural" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Alaina Huffman on Supernatural

(9:00 PM EST, The CW)

It’s been a pretty modest Sweeps Period for the See Her Tonight column, but now we have Supernatural coming through with Alaina Huffman as Abaddon–the recurring character who’s constantly livening up the Supernatural world as one of the demonic Knights of Hell. And our favorite thing about Abaddon is that (unlike most of Hell’s demons) the creature has a specific preference for a human host. In fact, Abaddon has had the fine taste of choosing a woman named Josie Sands as its meatsuit. And the character of Josie Sands, of course, looks just like Alaina Huffman.
This means Abaddon is one inherently sexy demon–like when the creature sets out to read minds, which looks like this…

That’s pretty hot, right? Right? Well, maybe you should try being a little less judgmental.
Anyway, it’s always a big deal when Alaina Huffman shows up in our living rooms. Veteran readers of this column have probably already guesses that Alaina is one of those quirky Canadian cuties who manage to regularly work on genre shows like Painkiller Jane, SGU Stargate Universe, and Smallville. That last show was where lots of guys (who hadn’t been watching her on Syfy) caught up with Alaina Huffman as the original small-screen Black Canary.
We’d say that Alaina needs to come out to Hollywood, but she’s probably perfectly happy with her cultish fame–mostly because she’s a MILF, and really more of a major MILF. Not just in terms of being hot, but also because she has four(!) kids. All with the same husband, too, so Alaina can probably do without big-league stardom. We still need Alaina alongside our other favorite Supernatural ladies like Ali Liebert, Kacey Rohl, Tracy Spiridakos, Rebecca MarshallFarrah Aviva, Kacey Rohl, Amanda Tapping, and Liane Balaban.
Yeah, there’s been a lot. We’ll miss Alaina when Supernatural‘s over, but we’ll always have this fine body of work…

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