LSU Student Gets Naked While Studying for His Finals [SFW PHOTO]

It’s been awhile since we’ve had to deal with the unrelenting pressure of a final exam but we still remember the stress and mental anguish it can throw at even the smartest of students. You aren’t just taking a test. You are facing a showdown that could determine the course of your entire adult life. It’s a gauntlet with only two possible outcomes: advancement and prosperity or a slow, bloody, horrible vocational death. Mix a lack of sleep into that cocktail of crazy and it can make even the sanest person go completely mental. However, we’re scratching our heads at this Louisiana State University student who was caught studying for his finals in the library in his birthday suit.
The person who took the photo doesn’t say if the student in question was doing this as part of a prank or some kind of fraternity initiation. It could also be that he was legitimately studying for his final exam and maybe the library’s air conditioning wasn’t working so he stripped down to his skivvies to keep from overheating. There’s also a third possibility that usually doesn’t come up in most sane conversations. The stress over preparing for his big test got the better of his mental faculties and he went completely “Looney Tunes.” Believe it or not, that third option probably makes the most sense.
So far, we haven’t found any stories of an LSU student being arrested for public indecency or indecent exposure or even a report of a naked student on LSU’s campus. However, we’re sure if he does get caught, he won’t face charges because there isn’t a judge or a jury that would prosecute him as long as they can remember what it was like to prepare for their college finals.

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