Stuff The Intern Forgot: Joe Girardi Blows Up At Umpire & More [Links]

Joe Girardi blows up at an umpire and gets ejected [Extra Mustard]

Last night during the Yankees-Angels game, Joe Girardi unleashed his inner beast on home plate umpire Laz Diaz. According to our friends over at Extra Mustard, Diaz was right about the call (and the call resulted in a strikeout for Gardner, so it actually made a difference in the game) and Girardi was ejected immediately after the call. Girardi later told reporters that he and Diaz had gotten off to a bad start after Diaz shook his finger at him. To see the video of the screaming match, simply CLICK HERE.

And here are some more intriguing links that our bone-headed intern neglected to post…

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