RIP, Hot Ball Girls of The Madrid Open [59 PICS IN REMEMBRANCE]

It’s a pretty good day at the Madrid Open for lovely tennis stars like Maria Sharapova–but this is the second year in a row that the Madrid Open is not the same for guys. That’s because we can no longer enjoy the proud tradition of the hot ball girls of the Madrid Open. Let the record show that the Madrid Open used to proudly stand out as the one tennis tournament where the ladies retrieving the tennis balls where physically-fit femmes to rival the tournament’s players.
That was courtesy of the Hugo Boss fashion line, who came up with a clever promotion where their fashion models would do the job that usually went to boys and girls who were aspiring tennis stars. There were a lot of tennis commentators who never approved, of course, and the Hugo Boss Ball Girls began to get a little more difficult to find starting in 2010. They kept slowly being put to the side just for certain games–and this year’s Madrid Open seems to have finally put a kibosh on the ladies. So let’s take a moment to look back at some true legends of tennis. And, like any legend, we will all spend the rest of our lives watching vigilantly for their return….
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