Seattle Radio Station To Use "Santa Clara 49ers" Instead of San Francisco 49ers

The fan bases in Seattle and San Francisco have a strong dislike for the other–so with the 49ers moving to their new stadium this season in Santa Clara, there was bound to be a response from Seattle. That’s come in the form of a radio station in Seattle that will now refer to the 49ers as the Santa Clara 49ers. The station has put up a proclamation on their website to that effect.
KJR-AM in Seattle has even made a logo for Santa Clara to go with the proclamation. That’s some definite dedication to this plan. The 49ers are probably not big fans of what is going on in Seattle with what is being said about the team but that can be settled on the field. The two teams will play twice during the 2014 season on Thanksgiving, Nov. 27 and Dec. 14 during the final five weeks of the regular season.
This battle is far from over, and some San Francisco station will surely come up with someone to mock the Seahawks sooner than later. It is just another way that the fan bases and radio stations can get under each other’s skins during the offseason. That’s what sports is all about.

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