The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Are Coming Back as a Movie [VIDEO]

That group of multicolored Earth defenders are just a pop culture footnote right now, which means they are poised for a comeback. The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers about to do just that when their new reboot movie lands in theaters.
Lionsgate announced that they reached a deal with Saban Brands, the company that created the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, to make a new movie for the kids’ TV franchise that first aired way back in 1993. The goal of the new movie will be to breathe new life into the once popular kids’ TV trend by rebooting the show’s characters and the concept into a brand new franchise. If you didn’t fall in love with the show back in the 1990’s, the basic premise is that a group of massive monsters are hellbent on destroying the Earth and a group of teenagers with special “morphin'” powers and access to an equally big robot must do what they can to stop them.
If anything, it will be interesting to see how they update the premise without completely ignoring the source material as part of Hollywood’s quest to maintain the attention of younger and younger audiences. It’s almost exactly like Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot. They are probably going to have to mess with the show’s central story a bit to attract a new audience. So we’re sure there are a lot of hardcore fans who will probably be upset at seeing their beloved Power Rangers mangled in Hollywood’s movie remake machine. Frankly, we’re more upset that the repetitive “Go, go Power Rangers!” theme song is going to get stuck in our head again…

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