Washington Wizards Have The Juice To Bump Lady Gaga Concert

It isn’t every season that the Washington Wizards make the NBA playoffs. It also isn’t every season that the Wizards face off against the Little Monsters. That’s happening now, though, since Verizon Central Arena–where the Wizards play their home games–had a Lady Gaga concert scheduled for May 15. Which was fair enough, since no was figuring that the the team would have plans that late in May.
But with Washington now in the playoffs, the concert has been moved to May 12 to avoid a possible conflict with Game 6 of the Wizards’ second round series with the Indiana Pacers. That shows how much sports can control what happens in the world. Lady Gaga is one of the biggest acts around–and because there is a possible game, the concert gets moved up three days. The game may never happen if one of the teams wins in five games. The NBA, however, has television commitments that are bigger than any concert or any other event. They can’t break those TV deals over a concert.
And so the Gaga fans will need to find a way to change their schedule to see the concert three days earlier. Meanwhile, the Wizards better hope that they are still playing in a Game 6 when May 12th arrives. Otherwise, there’s going to be a lot of jeering Lady Gaga fans.

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