Aussie Show Host Almost Shoots Herself In Face With Nail Gun [VIDEO]

Sarah Harris is one of the hosts of an Australian television show called Studio 10–and we’re guessing that guns in Australia must be driven on the left or something, because that’s the only explanation we can have for how Sarah came really close to shooting herself in the face with a nail gun on the show. She was trying to assist a mindreader with some kind of stunt, but that couldn’t have been nearly as thrilling as Sarah’s own idiocy.
It almost hurts our ears to just imagine all of the Australians who must have been shouting, “The other way!!!” as Sarah came impressively close to sending a nail right between her eyes. Sarah isn’t some bubblehead bimbo, either. She’s a veteran journalist. Actually, we’re thinking that a lot of those in America have never handled any kind of a gun, either. That might explain a lot. Anyway, enjoy the video, and don’t start screaming at your computer. We promise that this video remains SFW…

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