Marisa Miller Sports Illustrated Bikini Polaroids, Circa 2004 [PICS]

Don’t bother us with talk about Mother’s Day and upcoming graduations when we’re counting down to the 2015 edition of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. It’s only 10 more months until that sacred publication hits the newsstands, and there’s already lots of action going on to get things ready. That includes Sports Illustrated releasing amazing teaser images— and now we’re also getting a look back to 2004, with Marisa Miller getting ready to model swimwear that must first be preserved in Polaroids.

Those are the initial shots that photography professionals use to do things like catalogue daily shoots, and outfit changes, and other things that can change between exotic locales. Polaroid film has kind of fallen out of fashion (and even shut down production for a while) since 2004, but we like the retro feel.

One thing that doesn’t change is Marisa Miller being very valuable as a bikini model. You’ll want to go to Sports Illustrated‘s original post to see both the test shots and the fine final product, but join us in leering looking back at pics that sure haven’t aged badly over the past decade…


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