Misty Copeland on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

See Her Tonight

Misty Copeland on Late Night with Seth Meyers

(12:30 AM EST, NBC)

It isn’t often that your See Her Tonight column covers ballerinas, but Misty Copeland is causing lots of media types to make that same exception. That’s why we’re also making a rare foray into talk-show lineups to celebrate Misty Copeland guesting on Late Night with Seth Meyers. We usually go with talk shows as an excuse to showcase gals like Danica Patrick, Ariana Grande, and Dianna Argon–but Misty Copeland would usually be showing up on PBS, and that’s really unusual territory for us. (Well, except for MyAnna Buring and Michelle Dockery.)
Anyway, the important thing about Misty Copeland is that she’s a star ballerina with an inspiring story that’s told in her new autobiography Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina. Our favorite part of Misty Copeland’s unlikely story is that she continued to stand out as a ballerina despite forming a very womanly body during her adolescence. We’re not joking when we say that a lot of aspiring ballerinas have had their careers come to an end when they get imposing breasts. Misty Copeland, however, bravely fought to prove that a dancer can have both amazing moves and a nice rack.
Misty Copeland also gets lots of attention as an African-America ballerina, but that’s kind of ignoring a long history of other great ladies in the field. She isn’t even the first African-American soloist for NYC’s ultra-prestigious American Ballet Theatre. She still has an inspiring story, including her late blooming as a dancer. She didn’t even start out as a ballerina until she was a teenager, which is like being an old lady by most dance standards.
Also, Misty is really hot, and we’d be thrilled to be dating her even after having dated ballerinas before–and there are probably a few guys reading this who know to marvel at that statement. Misty certainly seems better adjusted than most. Now check out these pics that’ll have you adjusting yourself…

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