Nickelodeon's Ana Mulvoy-Ten: 22 Years Old And 43 Sexy Pics [PHOTOS]

Ana Mulvoy-Ten is turning 22 years old today in this Year of Our Good Lord! 2014–and that’s a big relief to certain guys who’ve been lusting after this Nickelodeon starlet. This English beauty won over an American audience with her role in the House of Anubis series, which was kind of a kiddie version of the surreal film classic Picnic at Hanging Rock, except that this tale of a missing schoolgirl was occasionally interrupted by Nerf ads. And our enjoyment of  House of Anubis was interrupted by our running over to iMDB and muttering, “How old is that actress?”
You can do the math and see that search had a happy ending, since we were then free to enjoy Ana Mulvoy-Ten in a very grown-up way. The rest of the world still needs to catch up, though. The good news is that Ana Mulvoy-Ten has left her hometown of London for the bright lights of Los Angeles, and we’re hoping too see a lot more of her. She looks set to have a very sexy role in the upcoming Outlaw, and Ana is also paired with some big names in the upcoming literary indie film The Girl in the Book–where we’re pretty sure that she’s playing a younger version of Emily VanCamp.
There’s also great news in that Ana Mulvoy-Ten is eager to let people know that she’s all grown up. Ana is as fond as sexy selfies as iCarly‘s own Jennette McCurdy, and Anubis wasn’t enough of a hit for that to be a scandal. Ana also is a weird mix of classical and offbeat blonde beauty, and can work all kinds of looks–and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate her birthday than looking at them all…

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