Nicolas Cage Back to Old Crazy Self in Trailer for "Rage" [VIDEO]

We were worried that we might have lost Nicolas Cage for awhile there when he turned around an honestly acclaimed performance in the indie film Joe. We feared that the overblown Cage that we’ve all grown to love was about to get acting-schooled out of existence. But now we’re happy to report that the old Nic is back–as evidenced by the new trailer for his next action movie Rage.
This time, he plays some kind of reformed criminal who gets mixed up with a batch of his old enemies when they kidnap his only daughter. He’s forced to get back together with his old partners-in-crime in order to save his daughter and take down the mobsters who want revenge for some reason. It’s basically his second attempt and capturing the magic of Liam Neeson’s Taken following the critical and financial flop Stolen
Rage (changed from the original doomed title of Tokarev) looks to be chock-full of classic Cage: the inexplicable screaming face, the unnecessary calm in the face of danger, the sudden shouting of random lines of dialogue. It’s all there again for all of us to enjoy, even if we know we’re going to regret having to spend good, hard earned money in order to see it. Sure, his movies look like they are being fast tracked for the dollar discount DVD bin at Wal-Mart before they even have a chance to hit the theaters but it’s kind of comforting knowing that the wild-eyed thespian is his old self again.

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