Rebel Wilson Busts Into A Remake Of "Private Benjamin" [VIDEO]

Another one of movie history’s greatest comedies is about to get the remake treatment. This time, Hollywood wants to do a remake of the classic military comedy Private Benjaminthat starred Goldie Hawn in the title role.
This time, New Line Cinema is helming the remake and they cast Rebel Wilson, the breakout star of Pitch Perfect and the recently cancelled ABC sitcom Super Fun Night, to be their new “Benjamin.” For those of you who haven’t seen the original film, we’d like to offer you our undying pity and a brief explanation of the plot and what makes it so unique. Hawn played a spoiled, rich socialite who gets married at the start of the film but loses her husband on their wedding night when he dies in, uh, well.–the term “mid-stroke” seems oddly appropriate.
Hawn’s character is so distraught that she wanders into an Army recruiters’ office and gets duped into joining the service. It sounds like this kind of fish out of water, military comedy has been too many times to count (Pauly Shore’s In the Army Now,  Bill Murray’s Stripes and Kelsey Grammar’s slightly underrated Down Periscope to some extent) but Private Benjamin was really the first and one of the gold standards for this type of comedy movie.
Wilson is actually an interesting choice, and could offer for a very inspired and fresh take on the military comedy movie, especially for one that’s a remake of a classic film. She’s one of the reasons that Pitch Perfect was so tolerable when we had to sit through it with our significant others.

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