Richard Sherman & Stephen A. Smith Star in Weird Beef Jerky Ad [VIDEO]

The Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman and ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith were tapped by Oberto Beef Jerky to star together in a weird ad for a new marketing campaign.
The ad features the star cornerback doing one of his intense workouts when his stomach, voiced by the vocal sports commentator, starts complaining that water isn’t enough to keep his body going because he also needs protein . So Sherman not-so-subtly grabs a bag of Oberto Beef Jerky and starts chowing down as Smith catches the falling pieces of pre-chewed beef. We’re sure that this is the kind of thing that drug addicted football fans see when they are tripping balls except this hallucination is being brought to them by the fine folks at Oberto (and no, they didn’t pay us to write that).
This is just a small part of Sherman’s deal with Oberto as part of their “You get out what you put in” ad campaign. It also features him in another, less goofy ad in which he talks about getting “the call” from a major league team and heading off on that road to glory and stardom.
The second ad is actually just a little bit weirder than the first one because unlike an ad with a “talking stomach,” it talks about a serious subject and it’s all to promote the wonder and glory of dried meat. At least the ad with Stephen A. Smith makes slightly more sense because you can hear yourself remind yourself to eat something when your stomach starts grumbling. However, if that voice was the annoying and loud Stephen A. Smith, we might start calling behavioral therapists before the insanity had a chance to sink into our brains.

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