UGA College Students Advertise For Hit Man To Run Them Over (Maybe)

We’re not even going to link to the original source for this interesting story about the above Craigslist ad–which, you’ll see, has two University of Georgia students looking for somebody to run them over with a car, but only to injure the girls enough so that they can get out of taking their finals. Yes, we like the idea that this ad is real, and that there are really two UGA students who are that desperate to get out of finals. But let’s also acknowledge that COED could spend all day posting fake ads up on Craigslist and getting some funny news items out of them. We’re not saying that anyone who’s reported on this has actually committed that kind of fraud. We’re just saying that “Please do not kill” is a little too perfect of a punchline. So don’t get too worked up over this one–but, yeah, it’s pretty funny stuff. Kudos to whoever posted it–no matter the motive.

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