Washington Nationals' Matt Williams In Live-Radio Car Crash [VIDEO]

Washington Nationals manager Matt Williams was just trying to get to the ballpark on Wednesday morning when things got dramatic. While doing a radio interview, Williams witnessed a police chase that ended when his car was rear-ended by a vehicle attempting to get away from police. Williams was uninjured, but his Tahoe had major damage.
He was making his regular Wednesday call to 106.7 the Fan–that being a popular Washington, D.C. sports radio station–when Williams interrupted the interview to explain, “Sorry guys, I just had an accident…I got a police officer behind me and this guy’s going to try to escape.” That set up the following play-by-play…
“The guy’s running. He just ran right in the back of me…Hold on. This guy’s crashing into people.”
“Are you okay?”
“I’m good. There was a police car behind me, and a guy in a car, and he tried to get by me, and he just smoked me.”
Here’s some news footage to tell the rest of the story, and let’s give Williams a lot of credit for staying so cool during all of the action. We think the guy has a future in radio…
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnggmdF80u4]

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