Audrina Patridge Bikini Beach Birthday Bash [67 PHOTOS]

Hey, that’s Audrina Patridge in Mexico this week–and she might still be there to celebrate her 29th birthday today. That’s a smart idea, because nothing has kept guys going over Audrina Patridge like the way that she can bare her beauty in a bikini. That’s a pretty important talent for a reality-show star. Of course, some readers might not know that Audrina was the big star of The Hills back in 2006, where MTV kept her around for six seasons as we followed her (and her friend’s) exploits in Los Angeles.
Audrina went on to Dancing with the Stars when The Hills finally wrapped up in 2010, and then saw her short-lived Audrina solo series get quickly canceled on VH1. By then, she’d also gone on to do some acting, including the (kind of underrated) big-studio slasher film Sorority Row back in 2009.

Now most people don’t even care if Audrina had any male companionship for her trip to the beaches of Mexico. We’re pretty sure that she was with her BMX biker boyfriend Corey Bohan, though. Audrina is probably happy to have the focus off her personal life, anyway. Now she’s hosting an NBC travel show called 1st Look, and still fooling around with acting–although her role in Scary Movie 5 was left out of the film. We don’t think she could’ve made the movie any better, but she was playing the love interest in a scene that parodied 50 Shades of Grey.
That reminds us that we should check the Scary Movie 5 video release for deleted scenes. But first, let’s look back at Audrina’s most special talent. A lot of people probably thought The Hills was named in tribute to all of Audrina’s scenes in a bikini. Mexico is nice, but here’s a collection of pics with Audrina bouncing on all kinds of beaches.We’re pretty sure that Audrina’s having a happy birthday, and these photos will be a lot of fun for us…
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