Is "Cash Cab" Coming Back Around the Corner? [VIDEO]

The Discovery Channel once ran an odd little game show called Cash Cab in which unsuspecting passengers became contestants on a mobile game show on the streets of New York City and other major metropolises. It had a pretty loyal audience of fans and even turned its charismatic and  host/driver Ben Bailey into a game show celebrity. Sadly, Discovery decided to put it down after six seasons and a couple of years in syndication. It’s due to make a comeback, and now it looks like that comeback might be in the works.
Bailey posted this interesting photo on his Facebook page of his smiling mug sitting behind the wheel of what appears to be the infamous Cash Cab with a caption reading “The Cash Cab is back in NYC!” Fans of the show will instantly recognize the disco style, lighted ceiling of the cab just in the background. Naturally, this sparked all sorts of comments from fans clamoring to know if the show would return or is attempting to make a comeback but Mr. Bailey has been mum on the topic so far.
We hope that this means the Cash Cab is going for another ride around New York City in some form and we’re not just saying that because we sometimes have to roll pennies to put enough gas in our car. Quiz shows are always fun but Cash Cab had an odd and unique quality that strayed from the usual, stuffy, stifling space of a studio game show. Bailey also deserves to be on television again because he’s just one hell of a funny guy…

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