Paulina Gretzky Just Reminded Lindsey Duke Who's The Boss [PHOTOS]

Last night’s NFL Draft might have been all about Johnny Football, but let’s not forget that it also gave Lindsey Duke a chance to be in the spotlight. But Paulina Gretzky is having none of that.

“Oh Lindsey, you think posting a photo of you rocking Blake Bortles’ jersey and cap is cute? Here, everyone, take a good look at my a**.” That’s just how professional sports WAGs get down. It’s a dirty, dirty game.

**Gotta respect Paulina’s veteran tippy-toes move to make her butt look better…these are the wily manuevers that Lindsey’s got a lot to learn if she wants to keep up. Allegedly leaking nude selfies just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Maybe she should take a look at the GOAT of golf WAGs Paulina’s hottest Instagram photos below.

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