Bearded Lady Conchita Wurst Wins Eurovision Song Contest [VIDEO]

First of all, we hope that it’s okay to call Conchita Wurst a bearded lady, although Thomas Neuwirth might prefer to think of himself as a drag queen–and “Conchita Wurst” sure translates into a drag queen’s bawdy pun. The word “sausage” is in there. But the important thing is that Conchita Wurst just made history by winning this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. We don’t pay much attention to this pop festival in America, but it’s a big deal in Europe, with different musical acts competing to have a winning pop song in competition.

The competition has helped to introduce sex symbols like Rita Ora, “lesbian” duo t.A.T.u., and Natalia Gordienko. Conchita Wurst, however, is the first winner (and, really, the first contestant) to really blur gender lines. S/he caused lots of controversy, of course, but we can’t argue with “Rise Like a Phoenix” as this year’s new Eurovision winner. There have been some really painful Eurovision winners before. At least “Rise Like a Phoenix” sounds like a proper James Bond theme–although Conchita Wurst sure isn’t your average Bond Girl. But we’re not judgmental here at COED, so maybe that’s best decided for yourself…


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