Sonya Walger: One Sexy Bad Twin In Lifetime's "The Good Sister" [PICS]

Saturday night always means the Camp Wars continue between the Syfy network and the Lifetime Channel–and Lifetime makes a great contribution tonight with their telemovie of The Good Sister. After all, the Bad Twin/Good Twin brand of melodrama is just about the only overblown plot that Lifetime hasn’t embraced while giving us babes like Christina Ricci and Heather Graham. And The Good Sister makes a particularly strong impression by bringing in Brit babe Sonya Walger in the delicious double-role.
The plot of The Good Sister even sounds a lot like the movie that we’d make with Sonya Walger playing twins. There’s one sister in a crumbling marriage, and then she finds out that she has a long-lost twin sister, and the twin comes to visit, and the husband says, “Hey, this is one heck of an opportunity to cheat on my wife,” and promptly has sex with the sibling. Things take a detour from our fantasy, however, once the newly-found sister turns out to be a total psycho. Our version would have the wife being really understanding, and then…well, no need to go on about that.
We will, however, go on about Sonya Walger as an enduring babe. A lot of guys first discovered her as the hot action star in 2004’s The Librarian: Quest for the Spear, which was part of a series of film about an adventure-seeking librarian that parents encouraged their tween sons to watch because they didn’t know the movies had guest stars like Sonya Walger. That was the same year that Sonya turned down a lead role on Lost in favor of a short stint on CSI: NY. Fortunately, Sonya then left that behind for a very sexy turn on the HBO series Tell Me You Love Me, where she played a housewife baring her bod during a sexual awakening.
Sonya finally made it into the Lost cast for a few appearances leading up to the series finale, and also enjoyed a stint on Parenthood, and we’re looking forward to seeing her in the upcoming The Gambler alongside COED faves Anne McDaniels and Raquel Pomplun.  For now, though, we’re going to be joining the giggling sorority sisters enjoying The Good Sister tonight–and no matter how bad it is, we’ll still be enjoying a lady who looks this good…

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