Creepy Mother's Day Photos For Mom's Big Day [PHOTOS]

Mother’s Day. It’s a time to celebrate the women that birthed us into this world–and what better way to do so than to send mom a creepy card with weird pictures of yourself on it.
It becomes harder and harder to one-up yourself year after year. It’s just not enough to send a bouquet of flowers or a spa gift certificate, you’ve got to go out of your way to do something you’ve never done before. Here are some ideas of things you can send mom that will make her proud that she’s got better offspring than these mothers, and some that prove your mom is nowhere near as embarrassing as these women…

“We always told you that we’d be Chippendales together, Ma! Thanks for believing in us!”

Mother’s Day has been way too commercialized ever since Chick-fil-A bought the sponsoring rights…

This has got to be Canada, right?

We like to imagine that the girl in the middle is the son’s new girlfriend, and this was done to welcome her to the family.

“Geraldine! You’re ruining their nice photo! Your father is going to beat you so bad when he’s done taking that picture with his new family!”


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