SNL Highlight: Bikini Beach Party (With Dead Whale) [VIDEO]

We really shouldn’t get too excited over a Saturday Night Live sketch called “Bikini Beach Party” that doesn’t have Charlize Theron in a bikini–especially since we’ve held much better Bikini Parties for babes like Audrina Patridge and Princess Lei. Still, we’re going to give the SNL writers for coming up with a pretty fun idea that’s torn from today’s headlines. Also, it couldn’t have been easy to make sure that this sketch’s gory twist actually worked on live television. We’re mainly baffled about this skit’s weird set-up as part of an airing on the Turner Classic Movies cable network–but all of the SNL writers seemingly just get their ideas by smoking pot and watching television, and there’s a minimum 80% of sketches that have to be television parodies of some kind. So check it out, and don’t forget that this is just part of Charlize Theron being the Woman Who Won The Week

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