Scooters + Internet Trolls Lose This Weekends Best Fight Videos


A little background here. The white guy’s name is Charlie Zelenoff and he’s what I would call “gutter butter.” Real scum of the earth type of person mammal.

A few years ago, Charlie stepped into the ring with Floyd Mayweather Sr. and sucker-punched him after Floyd senior literally punched him out of the ring. Charlie then promptly got his a** beat.

Then Charlie decided that it was a good idea to gain notoriety by talking sh*t to Deontay Wilder (an undefeated heavyweight boxer) by calling him the N-word and telling Deontay that he would tape his daughter’s mouth shut. That’s bad idea #1. Bad #2 was actually showing up to the Hollywood Boxing Gym and agreeing to fight Deontay. Watch what happens. It’s awesome. Homeboy winds up on the ground cowering like a little b*tch.

Speaking of little b*tches we move onto video #2.


Props are all the rage in fight videos right now. First it was shovel girl and now as you’ll see in the video above, we’ve got kids attacking each other with razor scooters. I really don’t care what’s behind the actual fight in this video, only that some loser thought it would be appropriate to use his scooter as a weapon.

Yes, that’s a blacked-out razor scooter. Everyone loses.

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