Donald Sterling Notes Magic Johnson's Sex Life In Apology Fail [VIDEO]

The first public apology from Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling came Monday night–and with it came an entirely-new firestorm from a new set of comments Sterling made. Once again, Sterling’s comments were directed at Lakers legend Magic Johnson, this time with Sterling saying that Johnson hasn’t done everything he can to help minorities, and that the former NBA pro isn’t a good example for the children of Los Angeles.
The comments prompted Clippers coach Doc Rivers to say that Sterling’s apology didn’t exactly resemble any kind of apology. NBA commissioner Adam Silver had to release a statement apologizing to Johnson again on behalf of the league. It’s looking like this latest tape is going to get Sterling removed even quicker than he would have before. The Clippers will obviously be better off when Sterling is completely out of the picture, because this situation isn’t getting any better. Sterling just continues to dig his hole deeper and deeper. Watch the digging here…

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