Somebody Did a Live-Action Remake of the "Akira" Trailer [VIDEO]

A group called The Akira Project raised enough money to do a live-action remake of the trailer for the anime classic Akira and they just released their stunning, faithful and action-packed trailer.
Of course, Hollywood has long tried to do a big screen remake of the classic Katsuhiro Otomo film but it keeps running into problems and has to deal with a never-ending stream of long and needless delays. The people behind The Akira Project decided that the fans had waited long enough for their beloved film to become a big budget, live action epic. So they took to the Internet and asked for funds from their fellow fans so they could at least put together a remake of the trailer. Hopefully, they can prove to Hollywood that it’s possible to get it done when you don’t have to worry about needless red tape from copyright lawyers, pretentious “artists” who don’t feel creatively inspired and narrow-minded executives who don’t know the first thing about film making. Thanks to the generous donations and these film makers’ dedication to doing justice to the original film, they’ve produced something very special that every film lover should see…
It’s clear that this was a passion project for them and maybe that’s what Hollywood’s perpetually stumbling attempt to remake Akira needs. It needs someone who is willing to put in the time and effort to do it right because the original movie is so groundbreaking, unique and special. So why not let these guys take over the big screen movie remake? If they can do all this on their own, imagine what they could do with a major studio’s SFX team and an endless budget.

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