Someone is Creating Amazing Chalk Drawings at a Columbus College

College isn’t just a time for drunken madness and celebrating the recklessness of youth. It’s also a chance to experience the joys of free expression and the sharing of one’s talent. It just so happens that most of them are really talented at getting wasting and finding new ways to hurt yourself with a keg pump. One student at a college in Columbus, Ohio, however, has taken advantage of college’s artistic encouragements but the problem is that most people don’t know who they are or why they want to remain anonymous.
A pair of students at the Columbus College of Art known only as “Dangerdust” have been sneaking into classrooms and creating very vibrant, sharp and elaborate chalk drawings on the classroom chalkboards where they are later discovered by teachers and students the following morning. Only a handful of people know who these mystery artists are and the rest aren’t in a rush to find out because their works of chalk art are quite detailed and inspiring. So far, some of the mysterious works include elaborate designs accompanied by an inspirational quote such as black and white silhouettes of Mark Twain’s head with the quotation “Know how to spell a word more than one way” written inside of it and an elaborate piece of word art with a quote from Malcolm Gladwell that reads “Who we are cannot be separated from where we are from.”
They’ve even offered some interesting color portraits including a breathtaking shot of the cosmos with the quote “The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you” as stated by (who else?) Neil deGrasse Tyson and even a simple colorful display of John Lennon’s famous words “All you need is love.”
Only a handful of people know Dangerdust’s true identities and the school wants to keep it that way. Students keep clamoring for more portraits in their classrooms as they continue to go viral on social media communities like Reddit and Instagram. We wish we had them when we were in school. They could have gotten us to pay more attention to the chalkboard during class time.

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