The Michelle Jenneke "Stretching" App Is What Your Phone Needs [GIFS + VIDEO]

Wherever you are, I need you to slowly stand up and give Australian hurdler/hottie Michelle Jenneke a standing ovation. Why? Because she just proved she’s got the world in her palm with the announcement that she’s going to release an app called “Stretch! With Michelle Jenneke,” which essentially is going to show you how good Michelle Jenneke looks when she stretches to stretch.

Obviously Michelle isn’t the first person to ever demonstrate how to properly stretch, but she’s likely going to be the first person you’ll actually pay attention to. And pay good money for.

See GIFs Below


In order to promote her billion dollar idea, Michelle released this teaser trailer… which we then promptly turned into GIFs. By the way, what ever happened to that World Star Hip Hop video that was supposed to come out? I can’t believe I’m saying this but WSHH never releases anything other than fight videos and Riff Raff world premiers (both of which I’m addicted to).


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