Behold Ye Olde Creepy Castle of Optical Illusion… [GIF]

How did people enjoy black-and-white photos before the invention of color film? Don’t bother us with that kind of thing. You don’t even want to know about that grade we got in Punic Wars 101. The important thing here is that we have a cool optical illusion where have a black-and-white photo of a castle, and then you stare at a black dot on some variation of said photo, and then–“ta-da,” to quote the gif–you suddenly see the picture in color.
It’s obvious that our brain is somehow remembering the palette of the colors placed over the black-and-white image, and then our eyes…well, do something really freaky. That’s about as technical as we think we can get about this optical illusion. Except to quote the scholar Jaden Smith and ask you to ponder how Mirrors Can Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real. Which might mean this entire optical illusion is, in fact, an optical illusion….

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