College Girls Love Fireball Whiskey [PHOTOS]

Has there ever been a liquor in the entire history of liquors that have ignited in popularity like Fireball Whiskey? I honestly can’t think of one. Two years ago, I had never heard of it but now I can’t go out at night without hearing at least four separate people asking the bartender for shots. What’s even more impressive to me is that it’s both women and men drinking it down. Yes, it’s affordable, tasty, and very easy to drink–but usually shots like that turn guys off. Not the case with Fireball.

Fireball has absolutely taken over as college students’ favorite shot to drink. Just check out Spring Breaker #2 in this post for evidence. Alternatively, you could just look to either Twitter or Instagram, as it seems like every hottie in the world is posting photos of her with the cinnamon whiskey. See for yourself below.


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