College Students Find $40,000 Inside A Couch And Don't Get Killed

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Sure, everyone’s used to finding a few coins in your couch from time to time and it usually adds up to no more than about a dollar or so. Now imagine–as reported at TheLittleRebellion–if you found $40,000 dollars in your crummy old couch? Sounds a little cooler, right? Well, that’s exactly what happened to three lucky SUNY New Paltz students in early March. Reese Werkhoven, Cally Guasti and Lara Russo were just sitting down on their newly bought, second-hand couch when Werkhoven found a plastic envelope in the couch’s arm with $700 dollars in cash.

After finding 700 bucks, you tend to get a little excited. So, the three ended up ruffling through the couch and ended up finding envelope after envelope full of cash. Does this sound like a movie plot or what? Now the question came-what in God’s name do you do with all this money? Do you return it? Is this filthy drug money that would be better off in your hands than whoever the evil couch owner was before you? Well, these kids are much better people than us over here at COED because they ended up returning the money after finding a woman’s name on one of the envelopes.

It turns out that the woman had been storing her savings in the old couch for 30 years–until she had an operation on her back and went to a rehab center for months. The woman’s kids decided to replace this couch (that she slept on) with a full-size bed that would be better for her back. Little did her daughter know that there was 40,000 clams in the thing. It ended up at Salvation Army and was bought for 20 dollars.

After returning the couch, the nice woman gave┬áthem $1,000 for being genuinely good people and returning the money. Personally, we think she might have given them a little bit more as a reward, but we’re cynics over here.┬áJust remember if you’re ever buying a couch, look very, very thoroughly through it. And even more thoroughly if you’re giving your mom’s couch away, because your inheritance could be in there.

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