How Many Numbers Did Greg Get After Appearing On "Huffbros Live" [VIDEO]

Yesterday our very single, very disease-free Senior Marketing Director Greg Burmeister appeared on the first episode of “Huffbros Live” to talk about what it’s like being the only single friend in a group of couples. Yes it’s good exposure and yes it’s great for our brand, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that Greg appeared on this video solely because he wanted to use it as leverage to get chicks.

Everyone knows ladies dig two things 1) the long ball and 2) guys who are metal. You think it’s coincidence that Greg’s wearing his best black v-neck? Absolutely not.

The safe bet is that Greg got at least 7 phone numbers. Sure, he only got 6 new Twitter followers but Greg’s old school suave. There’s no way that he didn’t cause a positive sensation in at least 20 women. Let’s look at his competition:

Jozen Cummings? That’s a fake name. Literally straight out of I Love You, Man. Jozen / Jobin. Same thing. Points for Greg.

Thomas Edwards? Two first names. Points for Greg.

That’s why I’m going with 14 phone numbers (one of which may or may not have been from commenter @gaydood). 20 positive sensations – 6 new Twitter followers = 14 phone numbers. Do the math, then watch his debut on Huffbros Live below.

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