Is This The World's Oldest Sperm? Yes, It Is

The world’s oldest sperm has been found. No, it’s not in your laundry hamper from when you were 13 years old back home. This sperm is a whopping 17 million years old.
Scientists at the University of New South Wales found shrimp fossils back in 1988–and nothing more was really thought of them until they were recently given to specialist John Neil, who discovered that they contained a large amount of sperm.
The shrimp have perfectly preserved sexual organs–which as you guessed, means that there is sperm that has been kept intact for 17 million years. Now we must ponder if we should try to recreate the the 17,000,000-year-old shrimp, or have they gone bad by now? Is Hollywood already cooking up a movie about the 17,000,000-year-old shrimp that’s now come back for vengeance? Work with us here…

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