NCAA Gives Boise State Waiver To Help Incoming Freshman

There are times where the rules imposed by the NCAA are over the line. It happened again this week when Boise State University boosters tried to help out incoming recruit Antoine Turner. The public learned that the player is currently homeless after a story on KTVB-TV in Boise found Turner living in his girlfriend’s car because of financial and family issues. (To be fair, Turner did occasionally get to stay in a motel.) Hopeful boosters were told that any assistance given to Turner might be looked at a NCAA violation.
The NCAA finally wised up, though, and gave the school a waiver Wednesday to allow Boise State to give immediate assistance to Turner. The waiver will now allow the school to give Turner room and board because he is now allowed on campus. It’s all another reason why people dislike the NCAA so much. Turner has a bad relationship with his father, and lost his mother when he was four. He went to live with his girlfriend’s family, but had to leave not long ago because of housing regulations. He has been in the car or the motel ever since.
Boise State was just trying to help out one of their own, and it’s sad that any assistance could have been looked at as some sort of violation to actually help someone out. Hopefully in the future, the NCAA will look at situations like this and be a bit more understanding without worry of sanctions coming.

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