See Bruce Lee in Action in EA Sports' "UFC" Trailer [VIDEO]

We just about lost our minds when we learned that Bruce Lee would be an unlockable character in the UFC video game. Now that we’ve seen him in action, we may need to actually lie down for a minute.
You have to understand. Bruce Lee is the best who ever was and ever will be when it comes to fighting another man with nothing but your bare hands and feet in any kind of ring. Sometimes, the man’s reflexes, punches and kicks seemed almost supernatural. He had a deep way of looking at life and a philosophy that was as unparalleled as his ability to beat a man into human hamburger meat. There are kids probably playing “Karate Fighters” in your neighborhood today who still argue about how gets to be Bruce Lee as they perform high kicks and lightning fast punches before one of them connects and sends the other crying to their momma.
Now they may not have to argue because they can actually play as Bruce Lee in the new game and EA Sports released their first trailer that features some full footage of the fighter in action.
Right now, the character is only available if you pre-order the new UFC game that officially hits store shelves on June 17th. We’re sure it will be available for a future download in a future update but can you really put a price on getting to fight your opponents as one of the greatest fighters of all time? In this case, yes, you can put an actual, financial price on that but we’re talking philosophically.

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