The ASU Experience Summed Up in One Pic [50 PHOTOS]


ASU gets a lot of attention for being a college kid’s dream–mostly because it really is. You’ve got all the hottest sororities, the best weather on the planet, and some of the best parties you’ve ever imagined.

So when our boys over at @ASUConfessions asked their followers to “Describe your ASU experience in one picture,” it should come as no surprise that most of the responses made us instantly jealous we didn’t head further west in our pursuit of education. Vegas trips, body shots, twerking, and more girls kissing than you’ve ever kissed in your whole life are apparently just another day in the life of an ASU student. See for yourself in the gallery below.

For more updates on everything that ASU has to offer, make sure to give @ASUConfessions a follow. It’s f*cking crazy over there.


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