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The Girls of Phoenix's Bikini Beans Espresso [PHOTOS]

We’re thinking that Bikini Beans Espresso probably has the best coffee in all of Phoenix, Arizona. The coffee shop hasn’t actually opened for business yet, but we have a really good feeling about the place. We don’t even need to know what kind of coffee is being sold at Bikini Beans Espresso. Frankly, we think it’s admirable that Bikini Beans Espresso has the confidence to spare us that kind of detail, although we’re really intrigued by the Twisted Bikini Redbull–which has Red Bull, and some other stuff, and probably some kind of twist. [photo via]

Also, Bikini Beans Espresso is making good use out of their signage by hiring waitresses in bikinis. That’s smart. The coffee shop is opening in May, after all, and it can get really hot around this time of year in Phoenix. And since Bikini Beans Espresso is a drive-thru coffee shop, it’s very responsible of the owners to make sure that their waitresses have costumes that will help keep the ladies cool. We bet the place has good wif-fi, too.

Anyway, we’d love to show you some product shots of the Bikini Beans Espresso menu, but there’s not much on their Facebook page. Instead, let’s look at the ladies who’ll be staffing Bikini Beans Espresso. They seem like a dedicated bunch of gals ready to roll right up and get the morning started right. We’re not sure where they all come from, but we’re thinking there might be a few ASU students there. Tell us if any of the gals look familiar from this article, or this article, or maybe this article, or even this article. But first, check out these pics that will do a lot to perk you right up…

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