Drunken Freakness at Preakness 2014 [79 PHOTOS]

Preakness has become one of the staple events for college students and all-around lushes who live in the DC/MD/PA area. Yes, it’s one of the biggest horse racing events in the country and part of the Triple Crown, but its real claim to fame are the party animals racing to black out faster than the next.

In the past years, people used to bring coolers of beer and amuse themselves by throwing full cans of beer at guys running across a row of port-a-pottys but now for some reason officials decided that was “too much” and have banned that particular activity. Instead, they’ve now tried to make the event a little more civilized by bringing in musical guests like Lorde, Nas, and Switchfoot. While bringing in your own beers and liquor is now considered illegal, we’re guessing that things are going to be as wild as ever.

Just look at some photos from years past for proof: people passed out, the toilet run, beer bongs, and a group of people that make you wonder if security actually ever existed.


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