The New "Far Cry 4" Looks Completely Insane


Ubisoft has announced that they are working on a Far Cry 4¬†game–backed¬†with such an insane concept that we can’t wait to play it.
This time, players are stuck in a fictitious Himalayan village called Kyrat that is ruled by a flamboyant, despotic and insane “self-appointed king.” There isn’t much else in the way of the story but just one look at the game’s main villain should tell you a lot about the kind of story Ubisoft plans to set in motion for their new shooter.
The game’s main villain appears to be a pimp dressed up for Mardi Gras with an endless army of mindless drones who are willing to do whatever he says in order to stop you from completing your mission. Add a bunch of heavy weaponry, deadly animals and a very treacherous terrain to the mix and we’re in for one hell of an experience. We’re bound to get more information when the game gets its first public viewing at the next E3 gathering this summer.
The Far Cry series is unique in the first person shooter genre because it’s not just about finding new and creative ways to kill your enemies with an impressive array of high-caliber weapons and explosives. It’s about the joy of getting lost in some remote terrain and learning how to fight it as well as the guerrillas and armies that are gunning to take you down. This sounds even more insane than the Blood Dragonspinoff released in conjunction with Far Cry 3 and that was intended to be a joke.

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