World's Greatest Dad Turns His Kid Into a Mario Kart Racer [VIDEO]

A father with a precocious young son and movie-grade special effects software has once again improvedĀ his home movies by turning his kid into the lead player inĀ a Mario Kart race.
The famed “Action Movie Kid” is back with a new video. This time, the kid’s father took some footage of him riding around in a kid’s shopping cart and edited it in post to make it look like he was racing around the “Daisy Hills” track in a bout of Mario Kart. First, the kid picks up a question block and the randomizer chooses his weapon. The green turtle shell comes up and the hilarious choas ensues. Unlike the kid’s previous videos, it has a pretty sweet twist ending that almost gives the short video kind of an epic backstory that we’re hoping they’ll expand into another series down the line.
This is just the latest video that the Action Movie Kid’s Dad has done since he opened his YouTube channel. So far, he’s featured him playing with his first grappling hook gun, his first sidearm blaster and his first lightsaber. Every child’s home movie should get the same treatment. Imagine never again having to pretend that you’re enjoying watching your friend’s movies of his kid’s first bath or their first little league game. You’re already imagining that there’s a large Kraken in the bathtub or that a roided up Mark McGwire is taking to the plate to knock some poor kid’s wimpy pitch right out of the park. It’s like your brain has a post-production department designed to come up with concepts to keep you from falling asleep or ruining a friendship.

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