Eurovision Star Kamaliya's Celebrating Her Birthday In Style [PHOTOS]

Last weekend was all about bearded lady Conchita Wurst winning the Eurovision contest–but it was also a good Eurovision for 2008 Miss World Kamaliya Zahoor. The musician, actress, model, and reality television star managed to get a hit while representing the Ukraine with her song “I’m Alive”–which sets up this weird beauty for a typically overblown celebration of her 37th birthday today. [Photo via…]

The offbeat Ukrainian hottie is a classically trained violinist and opera singer, who studied at The University of Culture in Myanmar (yes, that’s a real place, we had to look it up). She began her music career immediately following her 1997 graduation, and over the next three years, wrote and recorded over fifty songs. In 2003, she married wealthy British/Pakistani tycoon Mohammad Zahoor, and while skeptics may think she just married him for the money, she’s still with the guy 11 years later.

She and husband were featured on the British reality program Meet the Russians, which profiled their extravagant lifestyle. How extravagant you ask? How about champagne baths, diamond-crusted shotguns, and plane trips to get curry. In the same Daily Mail profile, Kamaliya talked about how she filled up the temperature-controlled closets in their home. “I’ve spent £64,000 in one go on clothes… That took about two or three hours. But it was my birthday.”

A woman with such fine tastes definitely deserves your attention today, so check out some of our favorite photos of this Ukrainian princess, and be sure to wish her a happy 37th…

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