There's A YouTube Video Game Trailer That's Also A Game Demo

Video game trailers are released on YouTube just about every week but this one does more than just show you footage of the game you could soon play. It lets you actually play it.
The marketing team behind Blades of Excalibur, a medieval hack-n-slash sidescroller, came up with the brilliant idea of announcing their game as the first playable game demo on YouTube. It’s a re-release of a very popular Japanese video game for the crowd in the States. It’s currently in beta mode for the US and you can sign up for a possible invitation to join the beta test before its release sometime later in the year. It’s just like the sidescrolling, arcade style games you used to play on your Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis like Golden Axe and Streets of Rage in which an endless army of enemies pop out from the corners of the screen to taste the fury of your weapons.
This could mark an interesting first step for YouTube–and even the way we play video game demos. The technology may not be ready yet for the ability to play a game like Watch_Dogs or the next Halo sequel on your web browser but this could give us an interesting push to reaching that potential. We just hope that there’s some kind of special counter that can cut off our access after a certain amount of play time because being able to try out the new Grand Theft Auto on the web would be a bigger time drainer than videos of people falling down or animated Kate Upton GIFs.

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