College Dropout Drops Bomb Threat on Her Graduation Ceremony [VIDEO]

A college dropout didn’t want her parents to know that she left school, and decided that the best way to keep her secret was to file a phony bomb threat during┬áher college’s graduation ceremony.
Danielle Shea of Quincy, Massachusetts faces some serious felonies and what must be two very PO’ed parents after she phoned in a bomb threat to the graduation ceremony for Quinnipiac University’s College of Arts and Sciences. Shea started her little scheme when she overheard her mother trying to buy a ticket for the event so her family could take photographs of their little girl’s big day. The school informed the mother that her daughter was no longer enrolled in the school.
Shea panicked and immediately made a bomb threat to the building housing what her parents thought would be the site of her graduation in the hopes that the ceremony would be cancelled. Instead, it just delayed it by 90 minutes and moved it to another location.
Unfortunately, police were able to identify who made the threat because she made two threatening calls from her personal cell phone. Police actually arrested her while she was wearing a cap and gown in the hopes of tricking her parents into thinking she had actually graduated. It turns out that her parents were still paying for her to go to school, even though the university dropped her name from their registry due to unpaid tuition. Something tells us┬áthat she wouldn’t have made it to graduation even if she stayed in school. You can’t be very smart if you think phoning in a bomb threat on your own cell phone is a good idea. And now Danielle Shea gets to enjoy this kind of fun humiliation…

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