Steve Carell Gets Scary Serious in The "Foxcatcher" Trailer [VIDEO]

Comedic actor Steve Carell is taking his first serious stab at a movie role as an eccentric, controlling millionaire in the trailer for the movie Foxcatcher.
Carell’s new movie is quickly becoming the buzz of the Cannes Film Festival and for a very good reason: Carell is absolutely menacing in his role. He plays John du Pont, an heir to the famed DuPont corporate empire who uses his considerable wealth to train athletes and even prep wrestlers for the Olympic Games. The film is based on the true story of the real John du Pont who shot and killed one of the wrestlers that he took under his wing, Dave Schultz, who is played by Mark Ruffalo. Channing Tatum also co-stars as Dave’s brother Mark Schultz who also trains under du Pont as a competitive wrestler. A new teaser trailer for the movie hit the web today to give the rest of the world an idea of what everyone at Cannes is talking about.
Carell seems to have gone out of his way to find a role that doesn’t allow him any room to even crack a knowing smile at the camera. He’s picked a good one with Foxcatcher. It doesn’t just offer a great dramatic challenge. It also gives him a chance to play a very dark and almost sinister person that is unlike any role on Carell’s resume that we can recall. He’s had plenty of opportunities to take on serious challenges such as the suicidal Uncle Frank in Little Miss Sunshine and the lesser known indie drama Dan in Real Life but this one doesn’t allow even an ounce of humor to drip off the screen. That fact alone has us itching to see it.

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